Gray Management Systems and Rightstrategy have been known to each other for many years and collaborate to deliver a range of Auditing and Compliance services. The owners of both businesses, Geoff Gray (Gray Management Systems) and Steve Robinson (Rightstrategy) met whilst working for PE Handley-Walker in the 1990s.

Geoff specialises in the facilitation of auditing programs whereas Steve brings his strategy and business coaching expertise to complement our collaboration.

We co-deliver the Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB 51615

Other services provided by Rightstrategy include the following:

Business strategy diagnostic health check (2-4 hours)

This diagnostic assessment is a really good starting point as it only takes a couple of hours to complete and is an inexpensive way to establish your current position and identify development needs for your business strategy.

Strategy Nuts & Bolts Training (2 days)

This two-day business strategy session is suitable for persons new to strategic planning wanting to develop their leadership skills right through to seasoned professionals wanting to refresh their skills and gain valuable insights.

Strategy Breakthrough program (10 days)

The Strategy Breakthrough is an intensive series of interactive sessions that follows a proven process using innovative and practical tools to get the breakthrough moments required to propel the organisation forward. The Strategy Breakthrough program has been extremely beneficial for those organisations wishing to embark on a thorough strategic planning process for the first time or for those organisations wishing to completely review the current state of their business and any existing strategy, business plans and processes.

Steve can be contacted on 0417 340 761
Or visit his website  www.rightstrategy.com.au