Course Dates (Online courses now being conducted, see red text below)

Management Systems Auditing

Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th December 2020 ONLINE  Places Available

Monday 15th & Tuesday 16th February 2021 ONLINE

Thursday 11th & Friday 12th March 2021 ONLINE

Monday 29th & Tuesday 30th March 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Lead Auditor Training

Wednesday 9th – Friday 11th December 2020 ONLINE Places Available

Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th March 2021 ONLINE

Monday 26th – Wednesday 28th April 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Demystifying ISO 9001:2015

Monday 22nd February 2021 (Facilitated ONLINE)

Diploma of Quality Auditing

Once you have completed both auditing courses, a workplace audit assignment and the 4 one-day units competently you will be awarded your Diploma of Quality Auditing.

Manage Risk

Tuesday 23rd February 2021 ONLINE

Tuesday 13th April 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Manage Project Quality

Wednesday 24th February 2021 ONLINE

Wednesday 14th April 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Wednesday 2nd December 2020 ONLINE

Tuesday 2nd March 2021 ONLINE

Tuesday 20th April 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Manage People Performance

Thursday 3rd December 2020 ONLINE

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 ONLINE

Wednesday 21st April 2021 Savoy Hotel Melbourne

Conduct Organisational Strategic Planning

Please contact us via email regarding future dates