Diploma of Quality Auditing

12 days

Recommend at least 5 years supervisory/management experience

Embark on a journey that challenges your intellect and molds you into a catalyst for excellence, enabling you to drive impactful changes and elevate standards wherever you go. Our Diploma of Quality Auditing arms you with the essential skills to explore the complex realm of auditing, a role that is crucial for fostering integrity, compliance, and continuous improvement. Whether your path leads you to enhancing internal processes, consulting on management systems, evaluating suppliers and contractors, or enforcing regulatory standards, this diploma prepares you to become a confident and engaging auditor dedicated to excellence and integrity. Join us in this rewarding venture, where your growth and success pave the way for higher achievements.

Diploma of Quality Auditing BSB50920 is fast becoming the entry point for auditors working in the compliance sector. It has already been made the minimum qualification for our RTO regulator, ASQA.

The following 12 units we provide will enable you to gain your Diploma in Auditing. You could be on your way to a new career!


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