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Compliance Forum 2020 Replay


Webinar Replay

Simple compliance strategies regarding risk, auditing & safety.

Replay & resources will be available from Monday 16 November 2020.





Gray Management Systems is excited to present the Compliance Forum 2020! This webinar event is an amazing opportunity to watch three amazing compliance leaders share their insights, strategies and helpful hints regarding auditing, risk and safety.

We are delighted to introduce our three presenters: Steve Robinson from Rightstrategy, Hazel Smirlis from Compliance Lab and our own Geoff Gray from Gray Management Systems.

There are three presentations, which will run for approximately 35 minutes, followed by Q&A with each presenter.


Ticket $145.00 (price includes GST).

Professional Learning

By accessing and watching the webinar, you are eligible to receive recognition for 3.0 hours of professional learning. Email Loren Gray at loren@grayms.com.au to arrange your certificate.

Accessing the Webinar & Resources

After purchasing the replay, you will be sent a link which provides you with exclusive access to:

  • The video replays of the Compliance Forum Webinar that was hosted on 13 November 2020
  • Resources provided by the presenters

Contact us

If you require further assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact Loren at loren@grayms.com.au.

Your Presenters

Presenter Steve Robinson

Director at Rightstrategy

Risk Management Framework

Join Steve as he discusses Management Systems Standards and how they now require risks (and opportunities) to be considered. This session will answer the question why a ‘risk management framework’ is necessary for properly managing risks. Steve will also look at how audits can be a used as a means of encouraging organisations to adopt such sustainable risk management practices.

Following this session, participants will:

  • Better understand the concept of a risk management framework;
  • Be able to implement key elements of a risk management framework; and
  • Know what to audit and how to improve the management of risks.

Geoff Gray

Director at Gray Management Systems

Audit Schedules & Managing Corrective Actions

Presented by Geoff, this session will discuss how to create a risk-based audit schedule that meets all your compliance obligations, whilst adding value to your business. Geoff will also share a simple process for managing old outstanding corrective actions that may be currently sitting in the “too hard basket”.

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a risk-based audit schedule
  • Identify correction from corrective action
  • Conduct a causal analysis of audit outcomes
  • Effectively manage outstanding corrective action items that will save you time & money

Hazel Smirlis

CEO & Founder of Compliance Lab

Simple solutions to common safety issues

Hazel will discuss some of the common safety issues seen in businesses and how to address them. She will also share how safety management systems can be simple.

Following the session, participants will:

  • Manage safety legal compliance requirements
  • Establish consultation methods for safety
  • Develop emergency preparedness procedures
  • Implement induction process
  • Develop training matrix to manage safety training.