You Get What You Measure

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These days organisations are run quite lean with respect to human resources, at the same time there is increasing pressure on performance, so it is extremely important that human resources are being treated correctly and effectively managed.

Organisations should align work requirements and people with the:

  • organisation’s objectives;
  • development of work plans;
  • scheduling and allocation of work;
  • establishing performance standards;
  • agreed performance indicators; and
  • any legal requirements and workplace risks.

It is important that management and employees have insight into the methods and approaches used for assessing performance in accordance with agreed protocols and timelines, providing formal and informal feedback, and mentoring and/or coaching for improved performance.

Businesses need to consider how they will manage and measure people performance. Activities such as improvement plans, specialist assistance, reward and recognition, coaching, counselling and exit processes are vital for optimal performance.

If you are not currently measuring performance against defined agreed requirements, how do you know that people are aligned and are effective in achieving objectives?

Remember, what you can measure you can improve!  If you are not measuring people performance, then you’re probably getting just that – nothing.   If you are measuring but still not getting the required performance from people, then why not?  A good system, consistency and follow through are key ingredients for effective people performance.

If you are a Team Leader, Department Manager, Internal Auditor or an individual with responsibilities relating to people and are looking to improve the performance and management of people, the 1 day Manage People Performance course will provide you with clear strategies for successfully motivating, aligning people, developing practical performance plans, and constructively dealing with performance related issues.

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