Episode 4: Let’s Talk about Certification

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From 2 certification bodies to now 132, the certification process has come a long way over the years.

Regulated by JAS-ANZ, organisations should take a lot of comfort that when selecting a CB, it’s a competitive & professional market.

Today we discuss reasons why businesses seek certification, how to select the right CB, how CBs are regulated, certification audits, audit findings, what to do if you disagree with your CB about audit findings and how to change auditors and/or CBs.

To see the full list of accredited bodies (CBs), visit the regulator JAS-ANZ.

If you are a NDIS provider, you can visit the NDIS Commission website to see a list of Approved Quality Auditors (NDIS specific CBs) via https://www.ndiscommission.gov.au/resources/ndis-provider-register/auditors.

You can also connect with Geoff via LinkedIn.

For all your auditor training needs, please visit www.grayms.com.au.

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