Episode 6: Regulators & Auditing

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Ian Whitehouse previously worked with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) who is the national regulator for Australia’s Vocational Education and Training sector and the state-based equivalent in Tasmania. With his regulatory background, Ian provides some insight about regulators including limitations they face and the important role of a regulatory auditor.

Ian provides some tips for organisations in preparing for an audit and how to best engage with their regulator. Even if you are not from the VET or Higher Education sectors, this is an important listen for anyone in an industry that is regulated from the NDIS to telecommunications.

If you are interested in further reading regarding the risk-based regulatory approach by Harvard’s Malcolm Sparrow, head to: https://www.anzsog.edu.au/resource-library/news-media/how-regulators-can-benefit-from-a-focus-on-risk.

You can connect with Ian Whitehouse on LinkedIn or his website https://digitalcoaching.com.au/.

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