NDIS Internal Audit Webinar
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This webinar was originally hosted by Loren Gray on 5 November 2020. We hope you have found the presentation helpful and engaging.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Loren Gray via loren@grayms.com.au.

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Connecting with Loren

LinkedIn: Loren Gray Profile

Email: loren@grayms.com.au

Loren Gray

NDIS Auditor, Trainer & Compliance Specialist

Loren began her career as a disability support worker before joining the police force. She spent 18 years working with Victoria Police as a detective, internal auditor and lecturer and was seconded to the Australian Crime Commission as an investigator.

She is very experienced in managing,  investigating and working with people impacted by highly sensitive and complex cases, specialising in family violence, sexual offences and child abuse.

Loren is a qualified Lead Auditor and holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honours, Advanced Diploma of Public Safety (Investigations) and a Diploma of Quality Auditing.

She has a special interest in working and collaborating with disability services through her lived experience as a family member of a person with a disability.

Loren thoroughly enjoys working with NDIS providers to help them navigate and understand the Practice Standards, so they can get back to doing the amazing and important work they do- providing safe & exceptional services to people living with disability.


  • A simple audit checklist to get you started with your internal auditing
  • The five step approach to conducting NDIS provider internal audits as required by the Practice Standards